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Accurate images of teeth are essential for the detection of tooth decay, gum disease, infection and many other dental diseases.  Most of these problems are difficult or even impossible to detect without an x-ray.

How do X-rays work?

X-rays pass through the area to be evaluated, and a film or sensor on the other side of the tissue picks up the resulting pattern.  This allows the dentist to look at areas not visible to the human eye.

Benefits Digital X-rays

Our office uses the Dexis Digital Diagnosis Imaging system to digitally take the x-ray instead of the conventional x-ray films.  A small sensor unit sends pictures to a computer to be recorded and saved

This results in reduced exposure to radiation, less waiting time, shorter appointments, you being involved in the diagnosis and a better overall understanding of your treatment.

Periapical X-ray

show the entire tooth, from the exposed crown to the end of the root and the bones that support the tooth. These X-rays are used to find dental problems below the gum line or in the jaw, such as impacted teeth, abscessess, cysts, tumors, and bone changes linked to some diseases.

Bitewing X-ray

Bitewing X-rays show the upper and lower back teeth and how the teeth touch each other in a single view. These X-rays are used to check for decay between the teeth and to show how well the upper and lower teeth line up. They also show bone loss when severe gum disease or a dental infection is present.

Complete Series X-ray

A full-mouth series of periapical X-rays (about 14 to 21 X-ray films) is most often done during a person's first visit to the dentist.

Panorex X-ray

The Panorex X-ray is a single picture of all your teeth and surrounding bones. Sometimes referred to as a single FMX, or full mouth X-ray, the Panorex provides a two-dimensional panoramic view of your mouth. The resulting X-ray includes more than just a couple of teeth at a time -- and is an excellent alternative to the tiny pictures your dentist has to piece together to see a complete set of your teeth.



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